Thursday, 23 April 2009

Update l4d // Screenshots or it didnt happen

Well, youtube vids are available. And well the exploit is simple, you dont get harmed. GG.

Anyway, exploits aside, survival is a very good mode, here are some screens:

Throwing in a bugged screen here:

Smokers killed 1 after 22 mins, great.

Onto the second part of my title. This is a topic which is highlighted over the Internet. Screenshots are like proof, and like proof it can be altered. The screen above is 100% legit, I did get 22mins, but you have to analyse it. That's why incase some people think I *really* got a legit 22 mins, ive stated that we werent attacked by smokers, or tanks. Only common and hunters were there. Valve needs to fix asap!

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