Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hope?! and something else...

Just come from one of the most intriguing games ever. Someone on my team actually listened to me. But not just anyone, this guy accepted himself as a beginner to the game and willingly took my advice - and to good use aswell. We won that game in the end (the opposition were playing on LAN in 1 house)

After this day, I now have hope that players can actually improve if: They realise where they stand in terms of skill and ability, and most importantly if they are willing to listen. Because you see, what most people don't understand is even though we are all human and thus equal; we are not equals in terms of knowledge and skill. In life we have tests to prove this but in games, how does one prove that you know better? Well the answer is you don't and shouldn't even try and prove. Proof is in the now on the Internet; if you perform badly infront of someone, you are bad forever.

Side note: look at that circled in red. One thing I hate about l4d are the help boxes. It's ok trying to help out the beginners, but giving them the wrong advice is a no-no. You see, it's only natural for humans to develop strategies and thus: "let's wait for the tank as its going to rush in". And thus a beginner player will rush in to attack! but consequently be set on fire and blown about like a ping pong ball. This is the Internet, update those boxes dammit or try to be more accurate.

Oh and I just realised if I quote "..keep pressure on the survivors - rush in and attack" It's almost as if it's saying, by rushing in and attacking, you are keeping pressure on survivors. WRONG. Against an opponent which can hear you from a distance (roughly up to 20 seconds), they can use this time to prepare against you anyway. The pressure actually comes from teh special infected helping you out e.g. a Boomer spit will summon a horde to slow the survivors down...

Overall, good day today.

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