Friday, 3 April 2009

A prime example, with a twist!

So I yesterday I managed to get a shot of leavers however instead of them just leaving, one of them said "omg rushlamers". Note: All we did was my strat which was: no mercy stage 1, throw a molotov at the alarmed car, throw a pipe at it so all the zombies insta burn - safe passage to safe room. This was done very fast, and we didn't even have top HP bonus, more like everyone was in yellow or less...

And yet this happened:

#1: omg rush lamers
#1 left the game
#2 left the game
#3 left the game

What was funny about this was, they all left at the same time, I did some background check also, they weren't a group of friends; more like they had the same mind-set of leaving when their chance looks bleak. (note that this was the first half of the first round, their turn to survive was next)

I don't understand. Why do you leave?! It's such early days on the first stage. And also, it's not long till its your turn to be infected again?! Gah!!!


Side note: Left 4 Dead Console log is TERRIBLE. You always get red errors (usually more than this) and for some reason my console was having problems with line-breaks.

This whole leaving thing brings up a question. Would I rather them leave without say? / or just say something stupid and leave? (I say its stupid but he probably believes what he thinks) hmmm, at least it gives insight on the typical player nowadays..

Next post: My discovery on how the term "rush" came to be. It's a good-un. Stay tuned!

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