Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rock Band 2 (UK) ... Does it exist?

Hmmm I guess this one is a little off topic of what I normally do. But hell, it needs to be mentioned. Rock Band 2 was released for Xbox360 around the same time left 4 dead was released for PC. Hence why I was thinking of buying both at the same time to have an awesome christmas. Here's the thing, the GAME is out, but I need the instuments with the game. Simple? Wrong, the rock band 2 intsrument bundle is NO WHERE to be seen in the UK. It's out in america, and was announced for UK, but to be honest Rock Band 3 will be out by the time we can get the rock band 2 instruments. Let's hope they don't make Rock Band 3 instruments and force users to use Rock Band 2 instruments. Better yet, let's hope EA get their balls back and treat EU customers accordingly.

Note: I am NOT getting guitar hero, since I already know rock band is better. And i am not getting rock band 2 with rock band 1 instruments, I aint that desperate. (plus rock band 1 instruments are shit, fact)

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