Wednesday, 29 April 2009

To Stick? Or Not to Stick?!

Well, L4d is pretty much dead to me. Same old same old, not that im bored of it or anything, just maybe the player base needs to skill up abit and just relax. So that leads to my other game, Street Fighter 4. And im thinking of purchasing a £150 stick. Now im thinkin, ive bought the ps3 just for sf4, and now i might aswell hype it up with a stick. And you're thinking, "WTF £150 FOR ARCADE STICK?!?!" well yes its expensive, but all in all a good investment since a stick is different than a stupid pad. ID RATHER USE A KEYBOARD THAN PAD. FACT.

I also bought Team Fortress 2. Not touched it yet. (I know its a stable game anyway)

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