Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My two cents on Demigod

Tried this game out, how best to describe it? You know when you have an assignment due, and you're like "oh crap, i think i'll just write one more page" and then not even bother to spell check it before you hand it in. That's Demigod right there.

Again with the so much potential in a game but just trips over it's own feet.

Here's a little rundown, it's basically WC3's DoTa, but it's very own game. It has less heroes, less items but slightly more in-depth play. It does suffer from major imbalances, and the good old "feeder" imbalance where one guy just get's all the pro items and slaughters everything in sight. But i don't want to get into that, I want to get into the fact that the game fails.

1. Minimap - Non-interactable (forgot to include maybe?)

2. Pathfinding - for pretty much every unit (including AI) major issues arise when going round corners. If you try and force your character to move, it'll just shuffle and do nothing. If you click long distances and it has to manage corners, itl squirm it's way around it. Even though there is no collision on your hero, the collision on your own troops (generals only) have to follow the 'creep/reinforcement' line therefore, youll find that your hero gets to the destination first and a good 20 seconds later, your controllable troops will arrive.

3. Targetting - Now I dont know what the deal is but, in this game, if there are enemies, there is never a time you would want to "hold your fire" so I want my guy to just hit what he can! This goes with things like, youre a melee class and hes ranged, you will have to order your guy to move every step (depending on positioning of the enemy). And to top it off, this also affects RANGED classes. Your guy can shoot a longer range than the other guy, but you dont realise this until he's actually come to you to attack..

3. Camera / Clicking - Putting this together since the camera affects the clicking. Firstly, every time you die the camera will change, very stupidly might i add, and then again when you respawn. That is absolutely pointless and all it does is piss you off (but at least itll make you think twice before dying, and make you twice as mad if you do.) Depending on what angle you have your camera at, your "right click attack" may not accurately hit the enemy, even if it did. So you might find yourself having to find the perfect angle in order not to mis-click (otherwise youll end up moving onto your target as opposed to ranged attacking it...)

All these bad points, but i do like this game. I just hope they will actually patch it...

Saturday, 20 June 2009


The end of me, no new games till 2K10 anything else would be like having small snacks in between meals. They are not good for you.

Thinking about l4d makes me cry. LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE VALVE.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Thursday last exam... and l4d2?

Well, turns out my modding of l4d was cut short, since l4d2 has been announced for well... end of the year. Fuck you Valve, you fooled me once, but im gonna wait for that 75% weekend deal you decide to do and buy it for a fiver. L4D is a prime game which was killed by Valve and EA, probably EA marketers estimated the correct time to release the game and thus beating all other *rival* companies to the zombie apocalypse fandom. Their rewards? game of the year? best game of w/e? best genre? w h a t e v e r. It's a shit game with dead potential. I'd like to say maybe they won't fuck up l4d2, but you know they will -- or it will just look like l4dV2. -- either way, new games are needed...

As for my exam, it's been a bumpy ride, but it's almost over now. What to do after exams? :S