Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sore loser / It *does* suck winning (in l4d)

Yes, I shouldn't really have to say, they're everywhere. But when one *knows* what he's doing goes to show why I hate on all players - all the time.

The console log shows at the end of first half:

#2: That was quick?
#1: hey it's your turn now guys
#1: :-)
#1 has left the game.

Situation just goes to show by telling the story of what's going to happen and purposely putting an end to it, he somehow feels better about himself knowing that he's made a few others miserable. What a tool.

I move on to say that it sucks to win on L4D, mainly because of the latest patch where the team with the most points go survivors first. Which I think is fair in this way because:

infected get to scout the map to search for guns.

but you know, the other team are losing because that is what they *dont* do.

However, i think Valve do it for this reason:

players losing get to play infected first next round

that's right, they will play for one extra half because they will play infected, and then leave lol.

For some reason, Im feeling a major disappointment in this next patch...

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