Sunday, 12 April 2009

A taste of professionalism?

Yesterday, I was challenged by a french clan. We played no mercy and blood harvest. We won no mercy, they won blood harvest. Why am I blogging this? Well let me explain:


Seriously, they were terrible. They used every camp spot possible, and even back tracked to the safe room just to survive the boomer hits. And against us, they kept suciding until they got 4 hunters or a smoker and 3 hunters. In all fairness, if blood harvest 5 was like no mercy 5, we would've had that game in the bag, mainly because the other team couldn't handle a full boomer coat. I don't even wanna get started on the L4D level design.

To be honest, I didn't mind it, since they were doing their best/playing to win (at any cost). I shall refer you to my earlier statement to online victories: whatever it takes even if it means breaking a game.

lets face it though, games will always be like this. Hundreds and thousands of people doing the same thing, eventually everyone will gravitate to one tactic and hence the only way this can be changed is if designers can forsee events like this.#

I guess in all the above, I will never play "professionally" since I prefer the ruggedness/randomness of being placed with strangers.

Conclusion: If you are in a clan, and play like I described. LIVE A LITTLE, you shouldn't under any circumstance make the other team fall asleep due to your inability to admit you suck.

For example, time in left for dead is useless. Eventually if you do happen to stand still, a zombie panic event happens but so few zombies come its no point even mentioning. So yes, the other team would camp in a corner until ALL zombies die, and also ALL special infected(that's us players). I shoulda really made demos to time how long it took for them to finish and for us. And by finish, I also include not making it to the safe-zone so yes, they could've taken 20 minutes longer, just to reach the same place we did and lose. And when you experience and realised what had just happened, you're already in snooze-ville.

Next patch inc ->

Though to be honest, if things like this keep up, I will just be playing survivor mode and making maps for it using the SDK (if it's powerful enough.)

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