Saturday, 4 April 2009

The term 'rush' in Left 4 Dead

Ok here goes my theory on the term 'rush' strictly in l4d which I came across on thursday. Basically, in europe, strangely there are alot of FRENCH players. Almost every game I surrounding by them, and generally they are bad. Until I met 1 guy, and he was skilled enough to know what he was doing, and he was even leading us. However, while he was playing he kept saying to us over the microphone "come on rush rush rush". What he meant in this context was "move". He'd simply be ahead by a few metres yet he wanted us to "rush".

Playing the Chinese Whispers game, the term rush was carried over to the rest of europe where 'rush' simply meant to move, and now it's describing an incorrect play-style where players are simply moving. I think I should try and just constantly walk to the end without stopping and see what players have to say about it. Because then the term rush would simply mean constant moving regardless of what kind of pace you have.

I still like to highlight this issue where other players attempt to "rush" and consequently die for it. Then I make my usual comment. "There's more to it than holding 'W'." That is if I manage to get the chat in before they leave :/

TBH a solution about rushing is to simply shut the f**k up about it since they ran through because your boomer failed to perform a full coat.


Another scenario is the tank, what happened was we did a few jumps to avoid the tank (where he had to climb and we quickly dropped etc.) All four of us made it to the safe room, and all of a sudden a chat pops up "omg rushers, come back and fight me pussies". No need to say what problem I have about that is. ButI think I should state the objective of surviving is getting from A to B with the most health. You don't get team points on infected side mate, sorry.

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