Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bad players (strictly in Left 4 Dead / The Internet)

Hello everyone,

Short rant today about multiplayer games after a little collision I had in l4d from the opposing side and from my own team mate.

What i've come to notice in all games is that bad players seem to conform with each other, and the good players like to compete with each other(along with crushing the bad players). I'm just going to use one example here in left 4 dead.

While I was moving through the level with my friend (stage 2 Blood harvest /versus) I wasn't singled out but the opposite team decided to say "damn rushers" and "lol rushers", this was comming from 2 seperate people (at the same time surprisingly..) As far as im concerned, I was killing stuff, at a very fast rate and moving on. My arguement to them is this: if there are no zombies in sight, and team-mates are OK, move on. I will do this until I reach the safe-room, pretty standard.

However my confusion about all this is: What is rushing? Is that just a noobs sorry excuse of being bad and not being able to play the game better than I? Well I maintain that it is. Since the next round they failed at reaching the safe-room (and left the game). Mockingly, I stated that "going slow" wasn't allowing them to win (even though i knew it was due to the fact they got crushed from a higher skilled player), however this was enough to convince the guy on my team that I was simply "running faster than usual"... Day after day I have to deal with silly comments like this.

I guess im gonna call this the "noob-effect" or the "excuse-shield" summin like that. All games have this, only I believe that the concept of "rushing" does not exist in l4d as it *will* most likely get you and your own team killed which to me fails the objective of the game. And to me, a rusher is one who *tries* to run to the safe-room as fast as possible in record time. For those who play l4d, know that this is fairl impossible since the game is designed for you to work together.

The things I aim for in an l4d versus game is -> Team mate multiplyer -> health bonus -> time taken. (Even though time taken isn't factored in as score, I hate waiting around for someone who wants to "take it slow") And an example of this is simple: A team I played walked through the whole stage meleeing each other to remain safe, it took them about20 mins to finish stage 2 of No Mercy. Our turn, we got exactly the same score within half that. Now in this case im taking skill aside, and simply saying: where is that wasted time going? But I have no problem with that anyway as it can be seen as a "play style".

Little conclusion. The L4D community skill level needs to take a step-up. Have some kind of rating implemented. Cuz right now, bad players will leave if they are losing without knowing what they have done wrong. I have two cases for this though: Leaving out of pure anger (or "things aren't going their way aka winning") or leaving because they know theyre terrible and just want to find another opposition who they can beat. (eg. I smack a hunter out of the air and headshot it = noob has left the game)

New patch don't let me down.

Yes I am addicted to Left 4 Dead.

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