Thursday, 28 May 2009

3 exams to gogogo

Friday, monday, thursday. Then im gonna grind that Street Fighter 4 championship. Unfortunately my friend will be taking his HD tv back home. Which means i need another TV to play on. There is one available, but it's very very shit. (i wouldnt mind it if it didnt cut off a part of the screen lol.)

Monday, 25 May 2009


Some guy wouldnt play me cuz of my titles in the last championship, so i quickly switched and taught him a lesson.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Last Remnant returns...

Well i thought id try out the new game thing, so far i still have my 20 digs, all my money, all my items/materials. I dont have my weapons, though i'll just craft then to the first order when i can. One major problem: YOU CANT SKIP THE FMVs nor CUTSCENES. I've seen this once, I wanna just fast forward past the backstory CRAP. So yeah, it's wasting my time now, so im not really playing it that much since its so damn BORING. blah blah blah my sister blah blah find her blah blah on my own blah blah big badguy blah blah.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

o i c

It looks like it's expected for the "4 player co-op against apocalypse" to be done 1000 times over before developers think of something else. TBH though, enough of this FPS shit, break out an online 4 player BEAT-EM UP. Spikeout anyone?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

WoW, the Internet, and Trolling.

Here's how it goes, someone approaches you on the Internet, you must immediately assume that he/she is an idiot and the reason why they are on the Internet is because they fail; not just at life, but everything in it, including but not limited to The Internet itself. So this is why immediately when spoken to on the Internet I could seem abusive and a bit cold, but in reality it's just because statistically you are a moron.

Today I was begged in Ironforge, since I have this blog I may aswell document this at least once. Story goes like this, he begs for gold, i told him id give him gold if he sucked my dick he threatens to report me unless I gave him gold. I played along, then he caved saying he didnt report me and I could keep my gold *phew* lucky me...

Screenshot if you like to read:

In essence of this whole situation, you must understand that if he did report me, i couldve been in trouble and if everyone were to report me for everytime this happened, I guess my account would be banned in no time. While writing this i've thought of the best thing to do: Just give them a question and use the ignore function. However this doesnt provide much satisfaction since I wouldnt be able to hear him squeel. Oh well.

Peace out.

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Last Remnant... COMPLETE

Yup, i finished the last remnant just now, and what can i say. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. You build up all this way only to fight 1 guy and then the game is over. Why im so annoyed at this? Well, first of all i havent even got any of the best weapons (at least 4 more upgrades to go), and also I've barely touched upon killing rare monsters etc. The ending sequence is pretty cool, and when you finish the game, there is a kind-of new game+ function, so at least not all is gone to waste. Will I play it again? well yes, i want the badass sword ffs.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Exam #1 over

This exam just proves how broken education is nowadays. Im in second year university, and they still do shit like repeat questions. Guess what i did? I learnt the past exam papers question, surprisingly copied an answer through memory. Which means what have I learnt in my module? fuck all, just get through the questions...

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Sup guys, i've just signed up to check out mogulus - a free streaming upload site where I hope to play games witht this running. Since I only have a limited upload of a BT connection (i have the 8mbits unlimited package) chances are the streaming will be terrible. Oh well.

Note: the channel has been set up (someone already taken pikachuu2) so im going with my second alias, which will be announced soon. See you after exams! <:D

(or before then, whichever.)

Random update

So, exam month for me comming up so I aint been playing games. Actually that's a lie, i just dont play extensively.

Recently ive come across Trauma Centre on the wii. Quite exciting. I am also comming towards the end of The Last Remnant. Finally I want to try out Demi-god, ive heard it's a mixed bag but anything which compares to "dota as an actual game" im sold instantly.

Left 4 Dead - R.I.P

Friday, 1 May 2009

Left 4 Dead Stats

Well, Left 4 Dead released their little stats page. The page I briefly touched on last month which I said was cancelled or w/e and they should include it. Well now they have.

Looks like theyve been keeping stats from Day 1. Guess that still clarifies the point of designers releasing things too early. But I guess this one worked out ok.