Thursday, 2 April 2009

Something funny, once, but happens often.

So we already know we get all kinds of players on the Internet and in games. And it's not so long till I actually get a live example for you. Let me explain the scenario: No Mercy#4 elevator stage, everyone always gets in the closet located next to the lift. Basically what happens is you sound an alarm, and you have to hold your ground for about a minute till the lift gets there. Sounds tense right? Wrong, almost everyone will jump into the closet, the two people at the front crouch to avoid friendly fire, and the people at the back melee spam. This looks and is very lame and you can literally see all the life from the game be sapped out from tactics like this. In which case this should be a standard strat right? Well yes, if the fact that holding your ground isn't difficult to start with lol..

But anyway, the chat follows after 1 person on survivors decided against closet camping. The team switches, and then it's the opposition's turn to survive who indeed decide to closet camp.

(Infected) #1 : why are they intelligent enough to get in the closet???
(Infected) #1: and you were not
(Infected) #2: becuase its stupid closet camping :/
*vote kick #2*
*vote successful*

Abit of irony is that #1 says "inelligent" in the same sentence as "the closet" It really isn't clever to stack nor closet camp (they are virtually the same thing) And the kick vote is way over the top, but then again that is how left 4 dead rolls and most games: If something works and it allows you to win, you do it.

Here is a console log given to me (This event did not happen to me as I would've loved to comment more)

Next patch valve say they will remove such strategies like this since in campaign it's the simple way to progress. And since it affects both campaign, and versus. It will most likely affect the new game mode: Survivor.

I say that this is funny once because, it shows how much of a clown a player can be. But then it's not so funny when you realise 80% of the player base are like this. It hurts more when they don't realise or learn that their strategy is 'flawed' in some way and an innocent player loses out on this.

My hand extends out to those kicked for no reason.

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