Monday, 27 April 2009

Street Fighter IV / Matchmaking

Street Fighter 4 would be a good game if they took out matchmaking. What they should introduce is a lobby-like area where you can select who you play. (chat can be turned off if that's what the designers are afraid of)

Cause let's face it, I hate being told to "widen my search parameters" when they dont let you widen JACK SHIT.

This new championship mode is also quite awesome, but again matchmaking bullshit means i dont get to play many games per hour. (id say max about 5)

Contemplating on taking back my PS3...

On a side note, it's also cuz no one in the UK can afford a PS3 + decent internet. ALSO playing games is like... you know... frowned upon? The whole "spending-your-life-infront-of-a-computer-means-you-have-no-life" speech. Blah.

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