Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sound in computer games... Important..? (and a small strat guide)

This blog is more like the importance of sound in a game.

Now, being a learning computer games designer I know the importance of sound in terms of appeal to the player. For example how immersed are they, and do they actually feel they are in a zombie apocalypse.

But I want to talk from a gamers side of things. For example, how it gives you an edge over another person. Now I don't want to say it's because im more immersed than the other guy. You could say i'm more immersed in winning...

However, it's the people (and people im pointing at are the ones who go onto forums) who discuss what kind of music is good to play with a game. Personally, the only games you *could* play with music are a handful of RTS and RPGs, where that sound is only there to *try* and immerse you, and in no way helps you to improve your ability. Oh and beatem-ups are ok to replace the BG music with your own (if it's possible)

Ok, so here's my problem with the above. Sound helps you improve in a game. A few rules which I have (i've been told im pretty much an internet bully when it comes to games.)

If you suck at a game fair enough seriously, I dont care. I really hate people who suck and dont learn. (same goes for people who suck and blame others <--- which is the same as not learning)

..but seriously, you cant blame anything if youre listening to heavy music over to what you are playing. Most/almost all games require you to hear things, it's like a warning. In fact it is warning, much like when crossing a road you STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

I started this rant because, as you know i'm being a accused of hacking in l4d. This happens almost every full game(if i get one) or in about, 1 in 12 players. (i say 12 cause there are 4 people on the opposite team, x3 for 3 different games.) Why didnt i say 1 in 3 games? well, it might not, that's why.

The funniest thing is, I know theyre all wrong. But i cant prove it, and im not either. I'm just going to explain how I do it: *no there are no hack links...*

please take in mind that these are just steps which I do, these can happen very fast, and even some at the same time and not the same order.

1. ASSESS the situation.

in l4d there are things to assess:
  • are you ok? If not, seek help from teammates
  • is your team ok? If not, aid them
  • how many zombies around *for me, this is always 0 or close to*
  • check for items, every corner, every room *I notice my friends do this, but never do it properly. So, do it yourself*
  • did you kill any special infected (in which case there is a ~30 second res)
2. Progressing

Always know your path, where you're going, where infected can come from, potential spots where common infected can rush from, if it's worth it taking shortcuts.

That's a lot to take in, and yes it is, cause that is my train of thought almost all the time in left 4 dead. This is because I lead well, even though I *really* hate it.

***This is where I talk about sound lol***

Well, first up, the main sound in l4d are very few, but very important:
  1. The obvious one, the tank. The music changes when the tank comes easy to listen for. You can hear it roar, and move. As well as SEE your screen shake.
  2. A panic event/boomer hit. The music changes again, and you can hear distant zombies runnning at you.
  3. Special infected spawns.
  • The Boomer: You can hear a stomach rumbling sound, very loud and specific. Yes, ok, you've heard it. But the next thing is, where is it going to spawn (you should know these places) and if possible, can you melee it away/kill it instantly.
  • The Smoker: You can hear coughing sounds, you know it's around, becareful. Stay close and look after your team.
  • The Hunter: You can hear them roar (only if they are crouching) so you know theyre about, again stay close look after your team.
Now there are tricks I have when combatting infected but I feel im off on several tangents.

Conclusion. If you're thinking of improving at a game, use everything the game provides. (yes, even if it's frowned upon... even though I hate to say it.). And I guess the most important thing is sound is important, and if you wanna know how much I think, it's as important as being able to SEE.

I know I was going rant about street fighter. But this was on my mind...

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