Thursday, 3 September 2009

My feelings on the UK + Gaming

Gaming in the UK is always kept indoors, so many people I know who play computer games have to hide the fact that they do whether they are good at it or no is irrelevant. This is due to the fact the UK see playing 'video games' as a 'low-life-recreational activity' anyone who does it is instantly a loser, perhaps being good at it makes you even more of a loser depending on the person you're talking to.

This is the general trend of the UK, but im pointing my fingers at the media, who constantly put down computer gaming as violent/bad influence on children etc etc. We can all distinguish between reality and virtual reality, so stop making 'gamers' look bad when you should be probably blaming the upbringing of their lives which is most likely not gaming. There are several articles I could bring up, but so late at night, i will only use one.

Recently, the media Cherie Blaire and her son has been accused of being involved with a realistic violent shooting game known as Counter Strike: Source.

How do us gamers see this situation? "Cherie Blaire's son has made a clan lol."

Yes that's right, a kid wants to play a game, so the fuck what. Highlighting the fact that it is realistic or violent is irrelevant, would they want the guns shooting candy? and have the blood be blue? Because if anyhting, id wanna shoot someene with candy just to see if blue blood pours out of someone. Genius.

full article here: (the firm they refer to is known as a 'clan' in most games)

Oh, and notice how they highlight 'e-sport' like it's an unknown topic. There are people who play games for a living, fact.

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