Saturday, 25 July 2009

Onto the DotA wagon people!

Ok, so i've got back into dota after quitting before version 5, It's now at 6.61b and still going strong (from what it looks like). However i've recenently noticed that Icefrog, creator of dota, is working a project called League of Legends which basically is his own game. I have come to nitice that alongside this, there are 2 other games, naming Demigod and Heroes of Newerth. These two games are heavily based on the wc3 mod DotA with a given difference that you have to purchase a copy of the game to play it.

Oh and, League of Legends has been announced to be free so, good luck those who are trying to make profit from dota.

Heroes of Newerth should be looked at, and s2games should be ashamed doing something like this after creating Savage. (if you cant be bothered to look it up, it's 99% identical to DotA; to the point where creep locations/shops/map layout/hero abilites are the same)

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