Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Thursday last exam... and l4d2?

Well, turns out my modding of l4d was cut short, since l4d2 has been announced for well... end of the year. Fuck you Valve, you fooled me once, but im gonna wait for that 75% weekend deal you decide to do and buy it for a fiver. L4D is a prime game which was killed by Valve and EA, probably EA marketers estimated the correct time to release the game and thus beating all other *rival* companies to the zombie apocalypse fandom. Their rewards? game of the year? best game of w/e? best genre? w h a t e v e r. It's a shit game with dead potential. I'd like to say maybe they won't fuck up l4d2, but you know they will -- or it will just look like l4dV2. -- either way, new games are needed...

As for my exam, it's been a bumpy ride, but it's almost over now. What to do after exams? :S

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