Wednesday, 20 May 2009

WoW, the Internet, and Trolling.

Here's how it goes, someone approaches you on the Internet, you must immediately assume that he/she is an idiot and the reason why they are on the Internet is because they fail; not just at life, but everything in it, including but not limited to The Internet itself. So this is why immediately when spoken to on the Internet I could seem abusive and a bit cold, but in reality it's just because statistically you are a moron.

Today I was begged in Ironforge, since I have this blog I may aswell document this at least once. Story goes like this, he begs for gold, i told him id give him gold if he sucked my dick he threatens to report me unless I gave him gold. I played along, then he caved saying he didnt report me and I could keep my gold *phew* lucky me...

Screenshot if you like to read:

In essence of this whole situation, you must understand that if he did report me, i couldve been in trouble and if everyone were to report me for everytime this happened, I guess my account would be banned in no time. While writing this i've thought of the best thing to do: Just give them a question and use the ignore function. However this doesnt provide much satisfaction since I wouldnt be able to hear him squeel. Oh well.

Peace out.

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