Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hello World!

Hey everybody, first blog entry here.

First of all i'd like to state a few things:
  1. I created this blog cuz I felt remembering things is proving difficult now and again (and i think i repeat the same points over and over)
  2. A friend told me a way to express myself best would be through blogging
  3. I feel the things I say are wasted if they're not stored and saved
So let me explain myself, I'm a university student studying computer games and in the future I do want to become a designer. This being said, yes, I do like to play computer games myself. But I don't see myself as the average 'casual' gamer. I like to win at the games I play, therefore I see mistakes I make, improve to be better etc. I could go on but the main factor I think which splits me from the norm would be that I take different perspectives when something happens. For example, when that building exploded I see it as a player in the game, what the designers couldve intended, how it was implemented, an average player's reaction, my reaction etc etc etc...

Anyway, I wanted to make this blog about my own personal views about particular events which happen while I play games... and maybe a couple of real life events. But now being a guy who uses the internet alot in games/forums/general chat I know that i'm going to have to face all sorts of readers which interests me none-the-less so I will wait till it happens.

Since this is my first blog im not gonna right down all the things I have to say about gaming for the minute so let me just get a few things out of the way.

I like to play games. My on-going are: Counter Strike: Source, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead and Street Fighter 4. Soon I will play Resident Evil 5 sometime...

I play all these games on PC and will continue to do so.
I bought a PS3 just to play Street Fighter 4. I do not own an arcade stick (yet)
My ongoing games means those are the games I play regularly, I have played a variety of games (be it in the 100+ on a wide range, see next.)
I own a PC, PS3, DC, SNES and an Amiga 500 (if you wanna count the atari you may but i've only played pong on it when I was about 3.) I have access to a Mega Drive, Wii, Nintendo DS and an Xbox 360.
I guess I should mention I have a 32" HD tv to use these on....
Should I list the games i've played?? Well i've thought about it, but no, I figure in the future I may make references back to something like Parasol Stars and leave you to read up on it, or if you're lucky I will review it some time.

So I hope this really hits off soon when I make my first comments about Left 4 Dead.

See Ya.

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